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Press Releases - 91% of Working Moms Have Been Depressed
More than Half of Cases Arising Years After Post-Partum
By: Julia Monti 

WORKING MOTHER MAGAZINE: DEPRESSION A CHRONIC PROBLEM! Working Mother December/January Issue Investigates the Epidemic.

New York City (December 3, 2008)—An extreme majority of American working moms have experienced depression, according to a survey from Working Mother magazine conducted in conjunction with a revealing article on depression in their December/January issue. The survey results underscore just how widespread the problem is, with a staggering 91.4 percent of respondents having experienced depression.  Not only that, but more than half of depressed working moms don’t seek help and hide their suffering, an issue that’s explored further in the Working Mother article.

The survey of more than 500 working mothers, conducted in mid-November 2008 on workingmother.com, revealed that:

  • Of the 91.4 percent who had been depressed, less than a quarter felt depressed during the traditional post-partum period (1-3 months after giving birth);
  • More than half were depressed after the traditional post-partum period, many over a decade later;
  • While more than half claimed depression impacted their work, just 7 percent told their boss, with “embarrassment” cited as the primary reason for their secrecy;
  • 38.3 percent said their depression impacted their children;
  • The majority – 52 percent – did not seek help, mainly because they thought they could handle it themselves;
  • As successful working moms, 60.7 percent said depression felt like a “personal failure.”

“Depression is a silent epidemic, and its stigma prevents too many women from acknowledging the disease and seeking the treatment they so desperately need,” said Working Mother Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Riss. “We hope that shining a light on this issue will help women understand they’re not alone in their suffering—and that help is available.”

The December/January issue of Working Mother includes the article “Back to Life,” chronicling several brave moms and their fights to overcome depression.  Working Mother also discusses the symptoms of depression, tips on what to do if a reader thinks a coworker or loved one is depressed, preventative steps to make sure kids are not affected by a parent’s depression and treatment options.  The article will also be available at www.workingmother.com.

Among the article’s top findings:

  • Nationally, 1 in 5 working women is depressed;
  • Experts are hearing from more women with kids 4 and older who say they’re depressed;
  • A key trigger is the gap between how a working mom feels she should be behaving and performing and how she believes she actually is. Other triggers include lack of support from a spouse;
  • Despite the stigma, famous working moms who have come out about their struggles include Sheryl Crow, Courtney Cox Arquette, Lorraine Bracco, Uma Thurman and Brooke Shields.

About Working Mother Media
Founded in 1979, Working Mother magazine reaches 2 million readers and is the only national magazine for career-committed mothers. Its 22-year signature research initiative, Working Mother 100 Best Companies, is the most important benchmark for work/life practices in corporate America. With offices in New York and Washington, D.C., Working Mother Media includes the National Association for Female Executives (NAFE), Diversity Best Practices, the WorkLife Congress, and the Multicultural Women’s Conference and Town Halls. Working Mother Media’s mission is to champion cultural change. For more information, please visit www.workingmother.com.


Julia Monti
The Rosen Group   


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