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Press Releases - Best Small Companies 2007
These 25 small businesses go above and beyond in supporting their working mothers

Good things come in small packages?

New York, NY (March 14, 2007)—Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs and account for nearly half the gross domestic product of the United States. The number of women-owned firms continues to grow at twice the rate of U.S. firms overall. As a result, many of the nation's working mothers are employed by companies of fewer than 100 employees with limited resources and an every-woman-counts staff.  But how can they possibly compete with larger companies, rich in financial and human resources, when it comes to providing benefits for employees?  

The 2007 Working Mother Best Small Companies are proof positive that bigger isn't necessarily better. By combining traditional benefits—flexible schedules, on-site childcare, professional development, paid leave, on-site gyms, and more—with nurturing cultures that foster employee growth and loyalty, these small businesses are demonstrating that supporting working mothers and their families is not only possible, but great for the bottom line.

"We love these companies!" said Working Mother Editor-in-Chief Suzanne Riss. "When Working Mother names the 100 Best Companies in our October issue, we always get so many working moms who say, 'But I don't work at a large company. How can small businesses possibly offer similar benefits?'"

"Well, here are the answers!  Our 25 companies show that high-impact perks that build employee loyalty don't have to break the bank. They're creating uniquely family-friendly work environments and incredibly happy employees."

Nominated by Working Mother readers, this year's winning companies provide a diverse array of services, from financial consulting to veterinary care, and range in size from six to 100 employees.  In addition to offering benefits that are essential to working mothers, such as health care and flex time, the 25 Best also find innovative ways to ease the strain of work on family life:

  • ENC Marketing & Communications delivers catered dinners to the homes of its new-parent employees;
  • Health & Wellness Partners has a private virtual network that links all employee office and home computers, so the staff has incredible scheduling freedom;
  • Nutritional Concepts Inc. offers health and wellness services to employees and their families.  The payoff for the company?  Workers rarely need to take time off to care for themselves or family members;
  • Optech LLC's CEO takes her staff for all-day spa pampering on Mother's Day—the boost to morale easily offsets the financial cost.

And most impressive is that many of the smaller 25 Best opt to provide FMLA benefits, even though the law only requires this of companies with 50 or more employees.   

The 2007 Working Mother Best Small Companies:

A Child's Waiting Adoption Program LLC (Akron, OH)
Abigail's Bakery LLC (Weare, NH)
Alder Foods Inc. (Walpole, MA)
Celebrity Kids Portrait Studios (Chicago, IL)
CFO Strategic Partners (Orlando, FL)
Elliott Dental (Chandler, AZ)
ENC Marketing & Communications (McLean, VA)
Health & Wellness Partners (Ramsey, NJ)
Henderson Shapiro Inc. (Roswell, GA)
Innovative Kids (Norwalk, CT)
Isis Maternity (Needham, MA)
Nation Design (New York, NY)
National Affordable Housing Trust (Columbus, OH)
Noble-Davis Consulting Inc. (Solon, OH)
Nutritional Concepts Inc. (Northbrook, IL)
Optech LLC (Detroit, MI)
Quality Assist Inc. (Atlanta, GA)
ROI Communications Inc. (Scotts Valley, CA)
Safety Partners Inc. (Lexington, MA)
Sellier Design Inc. (Marietta, GA)
Shakespeare Squared (Glenview, IL)
Teachtown Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Tutor.com (New York, NY)
Veterinary Associates (Tulsa, OK)
Women's Edge Coalition (Washington, DC)

Working Mother readers nominated small, independent companies with family-friendly benefits and a culture that helps employees balance their work and family needs.  Companies were required to have between five and 100 employees.  Editors scored more than 300 entries based primarily on three areas of emphasis:  creative family-friendly programs, work/life benefits, and programs to help women advance.  

To find out more about the Working Mother Best Small Companies, please visit www.workingmother.com.

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