South Africa's most influential women unite!

In 2007, over 250 women gathered in São Paulo, Brazil to network with fellow executives, make new business contacts and improve their career development perspectives at our Global Advancement of Women Conference. The feedback from our attendees was so tremendous, we are taking our Global Advancement of Women conference to Johannesburg, South Africa to share our findings and build relationships among professional women.

The South African Advancement of Women Conference will gather professional women who work for major global and South African based companies for an exploration of best practices, a dialogue on diversity, innovative strategies and concrete programs that make a difference in supporting women. The conference will ensure networking, learning and knowledge sharing in a safe environment. 

With approximately 700 companies in South Africa, the US is the second largest investor in South Africa behind the UK. Come together to learn how to strengthen your company’s global influence and take strides toward international business success.


•  How to target challenges in the workplace
•  How to find solutions to obstacles
•  How to take full advantage of your benefits
•  How to build powerful relationships
•  How to MOVE UP in your company



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Along with workshops on mentoring, work/life balance and critical communication skills, the conference will also feature an executive trailblazer panel sharing strategies for success, instant polling which takes the audience’s “pulse” around key issues, inspiring keynote speakers and safe-haven dialogues.


•  Building relationships to leverage your network
•  Eliminating obstacles for female executives
•  Internal policies for supporting professional women
   and what companies have them
•  Overcoming systemic barriers
•  How to enhance partnership among global women
•  Flexible work arrangements and how to use them


South Africa Advancement of Women Conference